Discourage Panhandling by Contributing  to the Solution

Be The Change They Need-Contribute to the Solution

You can be the real change a person living on the streets needs. The City of Daytona Beach is committed to ending homelessness by contributing to the solution. Panhandling is a short-term solution. You saw "the sign" and chose to act by giving a gift to First Step Shelter instead of giving spare change to a person, or you wanted to increase the impact after giving change.

You chose to support a long-term solution with immediate impact. The gift you make today will support programs like our street outreach team and helpline and provide additional support for our meals program, transportation service, and Safe Zone. By giving wisely, you are the real change they need.

Giving is a personal choice and ending homelessness is a community choice. Thank you for being committed to both!

Please consider making today's gift a recurring monthly gift.